Every request for Shabbos needs to be received no later than Tuesday at 12 NOON before the upcoming Shabbos.
Please try to submit requests as early as possible. If possible, try to plan Shabbos on Sundays or Mondays. We'll be in touch with you between Sunday and Wednesday before the Shabbos you have requested.





  Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to bring a present to our hosts?
Answer: No, but one ought to. A small bouquet of flowers, a basket of cookies, or a bottle of wine are good ideas.

Question: Can I bring another friend at the last minute?
Answer: Not without speaking with your hosts first. Before Shabbos, you should have the phone number of your hosts for any last-minute issues.

Question: How do I know how to get to my hosts?
Answer: You will receive a phone call with all of the info about getting there as part of being set up for Shabbos.  If you receive an invitation on-line, you will receive your host's phone number along with the invitation.

Question:  Does this service of being setup in homes for Shabbat cost anything?
Answer:   Definitely not.  Anywhere in Israel was set up in order to help Jewish students in Israel have an inspiring Shabbat experience anywhere in Israel free of charge.  We know that students coming from communities around the world are here in Israel for a limited time and our goal is to enable those students to have the most meaningful experience while they are here.  We are happy to provide this service free of charge. 
Do I need to be a Sabbath observer in order to use AnywhereInIsrael.com?
Answer: Not at all. There are warm Sabbath observant homes that cater to guests who are not Sabbath observant.

Question: Is the norm to stay over on Motzai Shabbat (Saturday Night) too?
Answer: No. However, if you would like to, please ask your hosts before coming if that's OK with them.

Question: How often can I use AnywhereInIsrael.com for finding a place to go for Shabbos?
Answer: As often as you like!

Question: How do I stay updated with other events from Anywhere in Israel as well as other events going on in Israel?
Answer: Go to our Facebook page and Like!  Also, stay updated with other events with the Anywhere in Israel Bulletin Board.