Every request for Shabbos needs to be received no later than Tuesday at 12 NOON before the upcoming Shabbos.
Please try to submit requests as early as possible. If possible, try to plan Shabbos on Sundays or Mondays. We'll be in touch with you between Sunday and Wednesday before the Shabbos you have requested.




Where would you like to go for Shabbos?

 Adei Ad (1 host)
 Ariel (8 hosts)
 Ateret (1 host)
 Beit Gamliel (1 host)
 Beit Shemesh (28 hosts)
 Chashmonaim (18 hosts)
 Chevron - Kiryat Arba (7 hosts)
 Elad (1 host)
 Eli (4 hosts)
 Elkana (5 hosts)
 Itamar (2 hosts)
 Kiryat Sefer (3 hosts)
 Kochav HaShachar (6 hosts)
 Maale Amos (2 hosts)
 Maale Chever (1 host)
 Mevo Choron (2 hosts)
 Modiin (24 hosts)
 Moshav Mattityahu (5 hosts)
 Nerya (1 host)
 Neve Aliza / Ginot Shomron (5 hosts)
 Neve Tzuf (4 hosts)
 Nof Ayalon (2 hosts)
 Ofra (1 host)
 Oranit (1 host)
 Peduel (1 host)
 Ramat Beit Shemesh (24 hosts)
 Rechovot (5 hosts)
 Shilo (9 hosts)
 Talmon (5 hosts)
 Yad Binyamin (11 hosts)
Jerusalem Area
 Adam (3 hosts)
 Alon Shevut (7 hosts)
 Bat Ayin (2 hosts)
 Beit El (10 hosts)
 Beitar (3 hosts)
 Efrat (25 hosts)
 Givat Zeev (4 hosts)
 Jerusalem (61 hosts)
 Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim (1 host)
 Kochav Yaakov (7 hosts)
 Maale Adumim (22 hosts)
 Maale Michmas (3 hosts)
 Migron (1 host)
 Mitzpe Yericho (5 hosts)
 Neve Daniel (22 hosts)
 Neve Yaakov (1 host)
 Nokdim (2 hosts)
 Tekoa (3 hosts)
 Tel - Tzion (3 hosts)
 Telz Stone (4 hosts)
Tel Aviv to Haifa
 Bnei Brak (1 host)
 Chaifa (11 hosts)
 Givat Shmuel (9 hosts)
 Hadera (1 host)
 Netanya (9 hosts)
 Petach Tikva (8 hosts)
 Raanana (8 hosts)
 Ramat Gan (1 host)
 TelAviv (3 hosts)
 Zichron Yaakov (13 hosts)
North or South
 Afula (1 host)
 Arad (1 host)
 Beer Sheva (8 hosts)
 Dimona (1 host)
 Galil (4 hosts)
 Golan (13 hosts)
 Karmiel (1 host)
 Kibbutz Beit Rimon (3 hosts)
 Kibbutz Ein HaNatziv (1 host)
 Kibbutz Shluchot (1 host)
 Maalot (6 hosts)
 Mitzpe Netofa (3 hosts)
 Moreshet (5 hosts)
 Nahariya (2 hosts)
 Sderot (2 hosts)
 Tzfat (8 hosts)
 Yokneam (1 host)

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If yes, which program?


Which of the following choices best describes
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Please note that we only set up groups of 2 people for a Shabbos at Anywhere in Israel.


How can you be contacted?




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Do you have any special requests?
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Would you like to be contacted in the future
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